Downhill Double Dipper

Blizzard Beach

When most people begin riding the slides it is all about the awesome experiences that the Blizzard Beach theme park’s water slides offer. But, as the day goes on you will find yourself focusing on how fast you can go down these awesome slides. By positioning yourself just the right way, by shoving off the starting platform fast enough and other methods you can fly down these courses at lightning speeds. But just how do you measure your great speed against your friends and family that are sure to be along for your awesome Disney vacation? Well here at the Downhill Double Dipper you can put you’re friends and family members to the test in this awesome race to the finish line! These two hundred and thirty foot slides are identical down to the last bolt.

When you get the top, you and you’re opponent prepare yourselves on the starting platform. The street light style countdown timer flashes red, then yellow, and finally green as you take off the platform. The first thing you will notice as you race down this huge course is that you are headed for a covered section of the track. This tube keeps you from seeing your opponent. With over a hundred feet of tube the suspense mounts before you come bursting out of the tube into the final drag of the course. At the bottom of this two hundred and thirty foot slide you will come splashing into a large pool for the final confrontation with you’re opponent.

This awesome slide features a board at the end of the track that will tell you you’re speed. Be sure to glance at the speed reader on your way down to see your speed. On this specific slide it is possible to reach speeds of twenty five miles and hour! This is a great water attraction at the Blizzard Beach theme park, something you absolutely have to do when you visit the Blizzard Beach theme park in the Walt Disney World Resort.

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