Slush Gusher

Blizzard Beach

If you are looking for a thrilling adventure at the Blizzard Beach theme park then look no further! This great attraction is really easy to find, just follow the screams you hear from the entrance to the park! Located in the very center of Blizzard Beach this awesome attraction is a smaller version of the Summit Plummet. As one of the theme parks longest and steepest waterslides this awesome experience is one you shouldn’t miss! Climb Mount Gushmore, the massive snow covered mountain at the center of the park to find this ride. The mountain was named for the constant flow of water that keeps coming off the melting snow. There are two ways to access the Slush Gusher, by either taking the stairs or riding the chairlift to the top. Either way, both of the ways to top give you just enough time to get the courage to shove off on this huge slide!

The Slush Gusher is a ninety foot tall waterslide for any waterslide enthusiasts ready to put their courage to the test. Although a bit tamer than its big brother and Blizzard Beaches’ icon ride the Summit Plummet the Slush Gusher is not a ride you want overlook. The Slush Gusher has no turns, however it has two large mounds that will slow you down and speed you up as you make you’re decent. When it comes to slides at the Blizzard Beach this awesome high speed adventure is one you definitely want to take!

Because the ride is so intense it is one of the few waterslides in the Blizzard Beach that has a height requirement, you must be at least forty eight inches to ride the Slush Gusher.

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