Teamboat Springs

Blizzard Beach

Because a water slide is just that, a slide it is very hard to find a water attraction at a theme park that the whole family can participate on at the same time. You can go down the slides one at a time and then discuss how great it was at the bottom, but what if there was a way to get everyone down the slide at the same time? Well here at Blizzard Beach on Teamboat Springs you and you’re family or friends can take a wild ride… together! Teamboat Springs is a twelve hundred foot waterslide with all the twists and turns of any great slide in the park. However, the Teamboat Springs has a unique feature that sets this awesome ride apart from the rest. Instead of riding down on you’re back you and five of you’re closest friends climb into a raft and take a wild ride down these winding turns and steep drops!

Because there are five people in you’re raft the combined weight of your group will send this raft rocketing down the slopes. While twelve hundred feet of slide seems like a lot you will be thoroughly surprised by how quickly you traverse the ride! Because you achieve such great speeds the sharp turns on this slide are arched upwards, which means you will find yourself almost on completely ninety degree angles half the time! One of the best parts about the Teamboat Springs is that when you sit down in the raft everyone is facing the center of the ride. That means you can see everyone’s reaction during the whole ride.

This awesome ride filled with twists, turns, caves, waterfalls and more is a must for anyone visiting the Blizzard Beach theme park. With so much fun and excitement for the whole group be sure to climb to the top of Mount Gushmore for this awesome adventure!

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