Orlando Dinner Show Tickets

Orlando, Florida’s premier vacation spot for dinner, features many fabulous dinner attractions guaranteed to excite your senses. Orlando’s dinner attractions provide both entertainment Hollywood style and an upscale dinner to boot. With so many diverse choices, no wonder families continue to rave about Orlando’s #1 dinner attractions!! Imagine a freshly prepared dinner fit for royalty in addition to a night of live entertainment.

All the dinner show offerings include hearty meals with unique, action-packed themes.
All shows require reservations.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

As a noble guest, you are invited to an 11th century tournament in Spain where treachery has threatened the crown. Trumpets begin to announce the entrance of the King Alfonso and his daughter Princess Esperanza. Due to treachery in the kingdom, your have been summoned to witness a dual to the death between gallant nights to save the crown. As nights prepare for a dual, savory heaps of sumptuous food are quickly delivered to your table including garlic bread, vegetables, roasted chicken, spare ribs, seasoned potatoes.

But the best part is yet to come, you are about to witness a world-class joust between gallant Knights that includes lance-splitting action for the kingdoms sake. Showers of sparks fly, metal against metal clashes, knights brandishing javelins astride magnificent horses, thunderous cheers through-out the evening as nights battle to the death to restore peace in the kingdom.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

You’ve just been escorted into the dining room of the Mansfield’s Mansion by the house butler, its the annual fox hunt event again, maids are serving the Hors d’oeuvre s when suddenly, one of the invited guests meets a horrible fate – welcome to Sleuths Mystery Dinner! Boasted as Orlando’s #1 premier mystery dinner show, Sleuths Mystery Dinner will have you laughing on the edge of your seat all night.

Hone your investigative skills with the Mansfield family, help Scott determine if his bride to be murdered her first husband, investigate whose hiding the treasure at Squires Inn, or find out who killed G.K on his eightieth birthday. Get acquainted with other characters over hors d’oeuvre s, salad, and drinks, save room for a scrumptious feast of honey-glazed Cornish hens, prime rib dinner plate, four cheese lasagna. while you solve one of the greatest crimes of the century.

Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

Expect to be impressed at this interactive, entertaining and hilariously funny dinner show. Entertaining audiences for over fifteen years, Tony Brent combines a mixture of amazing magic, impersonations and high-energy improvisational comedy to thoroughly entertain audiences of all ages. Minds will be read, predictions will come true, and audience members’ personal items will vanish and re-appear.

The Outta Control Dinner Show provides a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience for Orlando Florida attractions with non-stop audience participation. The crowds don’t just watch the show, they become part of it. Visitors to the show receive table side service with unlimited fresh hand-tossed cheese and pepperoni pizza, salad, popcorn and unlimited beer, wine, soda and dessert. The 90-minute experience will keep you on the edge of your seat and tickle your funny bone every 8 seconds.

Pirates Dinner Show Tickets

Like no other show on earth, Pirates Dinner Adventure immerses you in the middle of a swashbuckling pirate adventure that’s certain to challenge your wits. Find yourself as one of the captive villagers in the middle of one of Sebastian the Black’s many dastardly exploits for treasure and booty.

Enjoy all the great tasting appetizers before the main show which you will find at the King’s Festival Buffet. You can also introduce yourself to the pirates and the pirate you will cheer for during the show, they will be there during the buffet. This is great opportunity for the kids to play around with the pirates, because they cater to the little ones.

Feast on fresh tossed garden salad, treasure’s chicken, pillager’s pork as you cheer on your own fearless pirate who fights for the hand of the princess. Jump aboard the 18th-century Spanish galleon in your own featured role against Captain Sebastian’s fearless men in the midst of stunts, cannon blasts, and fireworks in a attempt to rescue the princess.

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