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Get away from that claustrophobic cubicle at that 9 to 5 stretch of stress; get away from that congested traffic jam you see every morning on your daily commute; get away from your “vacation” at those other theme parks in Orlando with their at-capacity crowds and long lines. Get away from it all and experience pure Discovery.

Discovery Cove Featured Attractions

  • Dolphin Swim Experience:
    Discovery Cove’s celebrated Dolphin Swim is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and your family to make a connection with these truly remarkable creatures.
  • Explorer’s Aviary:
    Towering high above water and land, Discovery Cove’s Aviary is home to more than 30 species of birds for you to mingle with, talk to, touch and even feed!
  • Serenity Bay:
    The Resort Pool is maintained at a refreshing 80 degrees year round. Whether relaxing in this oversized freshwater pool or practicing your snorkeling skills, the Resort Pool is full of sparkling clear blue water that is both calming and serene.
  • Grand Reef:
    Become part of an entirely new universe where giant rays and thousands of tropical fish swim along with you. You’ll become one with the sea animals and discover species after species of marine life that are just as fascinated with you as you are with them.
  • Stingray Shallows:
    for some personal interaction with rays, surprisingly gentle creatures.
  • Wind-away River:
    Take a leisurely stroll, Discovery Cove style. As you drift along the crystal clear tropical river, make an intimate re-connection with nature, your family and someone you may have forgotten… you.

Discovery Cove sets itself apart from all the other theme parks in a very distinct manner; attendance at this park is on a reservations only basis and park capacity is capped to only 1,000 guests per day. This ensures that what you have at Discovery Cove is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in an All-Inclusive setting. All-Inclusive entails the following:

  • Hand-feeding birds in the free flight Aviary.
  • A full, hot breakfast, sumptuous lunch, plus all snacks and beverages throughout the day.
  • Snorkel gear, swim vest or wet suit, towels, lockers, sunscreen, beach chairs.
  • All day self-parking.
  • Complimentary photo portrait of you and your party as you enter Discovery Cove.
  • Includes unlimited admission* to SeaWorld and Aquatica in Orlando for 14 consecutive days around the date of your reservation. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to include Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in your Discovery Cove package.

*Unlimited admission expires 14 days from first use.

Passes valid for either SeaWorld Orlando or Busch Gardens Tampa Bay are valid before or after your Discovery Cove visit.

Check out Discovery Cove Orlando’s Freshwater Oasis

Freshwater Oasis is the first-of-it’s-kind, Freshwater Oasis, hosted by SeaWorld’s limited-admission theme-park Discovery Cove.

SeaWorld’s new whimsical watery paradise will offer secluded private beaches and a private lounge dubbed Flooded Terrace.

Along a journey down the winding waterway, guests will wade through a rainforest spring as small marmoset monkey’s play in the canopy around them. They will then enter a faux sinkhole and wind up swimming alongside Asian river otters.

Check out Discovery Cove Orlando’s SeaVenture

Discovery Cove continues to go above and beyond with new and unique encounters. The newest addition to the theme park is SeaVenture, a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the depths of the ocean, you don’t even need a scuba certification. Wearing a dive helmet you can explore the Grand Reef and come face to face with some of the seas most exotic animals. In fact you will even have the opportunity to come eye to eye with sharks behind a thick, panoramic glass. SeaVenture lets you have one on one sessions with unique animals where you can reach out and touch velvety rays, schools of fish, coral and more!

The underwater adventure has been described by some guests as “Walking on the moon, only instead of space, you’re under water!” The helmets you wear give you total mobility and freedom; making this adventure feel natural. Your SeaVenture ends with your group free feeding schools of fish that will gather around you in the midst of the reef. This is a once in a lifetime memory making experience you absolutely don’t want to miss. SeaVenture takes about an hour, and you spend nearly half the time under water.

***Reservations are required. Your Credit card will not be charged for this ticket until the reservation is made. Our Discovery Cove agent will contact you within 24 hours to assist with your reservation.

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